Reusable packaging system for the Nestle with the interactive pop-up store experience


Special Thanks to Gerardo Herrera

From my research for the coffee brand Node, I found that coffee production generates a significant amount of water pollution, damaging coffee-producing countries' water sources and leading to a loss of profit for manufacturers. From several interviews, I learned that lots of people are drinking coffee without any information about it by merely following others' recommendations or reviews. As a coffee lover, I wanted to find a greener way to enjoy coffee and take those valuable steps which help us learn where it is from and what it should taste like.

 The research led me to create a brand under the concept of one of Nestle's many brands targeting people who are making coffee at home on a daily basis. 'Node' means 'connecting point’ connecting coffee and its customer to learn and enjoy the delightful world of coffee. From the question of how packaging could be reusable, I designed it to be inserted into the grinder and used multiple times, thereby helping the company save material as well as Earth.

To improve the coffee tasting experience, I came across the idea of a tasting bar. In the bar, when people pull the coffee dispenser handle, the screen under the cup shows information about that coffee plant while filling the container. People can learn then where the bean came from, how much it was roasted, and how sweet or bitter it might be when brewed.

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