Rebranding for Uber with providing welcoming hashtag campaign


Special Thanks to Sean Adams, and Gerardo Herrera

How can I turn Uber’s controversial brand image into a good one through rebranding alone? Because Uber has many positive assets as a car-sharing leading brand; Simplicity, brand awareness, and a massive audience. I added other attributes to these to promote a better Uber; Truthful, Bright, Communicative, and Authentic.

 Since Uber has struggled with lots of issues regarding sexual harassment, How will it be trusted and authentic? I came up with this new identity campaign; ‘The Back Seat of Uber,’ a hashtag campaign using Instagram posts about their experience in the back seat of Ubers while car-sharing with the hashtag #the_back_seat_of_uber. I collected beautiful pictures with individuals’ comments to help peoples’ impression of Uber change from unreliable to truthful. The series of posters, app, and website use real photographs from Instagram that people uploaded with the hashtag
— not using fake images.

Identity System


ID Collateral


Poster Series


Instagram Campaign

instagram img for web-01

Mobile Application


Website Style Frames

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080617_k29_pf_ow 008
080617_k29_pf_ow 008
080617_k29_pf_ow 008

Thank you!

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