Rebranding project for YouTube with various digital experience and proposal for the creators' festival


Special Thanks to Brad Bartlett, Brian Liu, Irene Wiryanto

YouTube is the most famous video-sharing website platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. As a big fan of YouTube, sometimes the flood of information on every single page makes it difficult for viewers to focus on the content because of the very commercial platform it represented. I remain fascinated by how creative YouTubers can be and how they are able to communicate with so many people in the world via their channels, therefore I wanted to propose a new identity by representing a platform which everyone can take part in and express themselves with content and shared ideas. From the play button which YouTube uses for their only identity, I added a transition in the dimension of the circle representing a global and equal community. Moreover, I highlighted ‘Tube’, the pipe linking people communicating with each other and preferences to support the idea of individuality and personality. By customizing their Tubes in a website setting, people can enjoy the content of the video itself recommending videos to people on a daily basis based on their interest rather than suggested by an algorithm.

Ideation for Identity

Identity; A transition from the play button to circle

in the dimension of the circle representing a global and equal community


Identity; A transition from the play button to circle

in the dimension of the circle representing a global and equal community


ID Collateral

Poster Series

Macro Series_B

Tubezine; Monthly Magazine for introducing various YouTube Creators

brochure copy

Website Frames


To celebrate the variety and massiveness of the content which YouTubers are making via their channels, I suggested the ‘Creators Festival’ which encourage people to get inspired by sharing their history, episode, and idea through lively communication face to face. Like the infinitely increasing community, the main visual elements for the festival is ‘infinite play button’. One triangle representing the individual creator is getting bigger and stronger by meeting others and learning from them.


Name Tags for Participants


Tickets and Invitation Cards for Festival


Festival Schedule Brochure

Website Frames


Environmental Graphics


Thank you!

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